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Marsupi Blog

  • Is Babywearing for Everyone?

    There are several reasons why people might be reluctant to try babywearing, or to persevere with it if it doesn’t feel right initially. For some it can be challenging, and busy parents may find it hard. But there are some amazing benefits to babywearing, and it might be good for you and your baby to give it a try (with the right baby carrier that is!)

  • Marsupi Tips: How to Introduce your Carrier

    Trying out a carrier can sometimes be a bit daunting; they can be a bit overwhelming and even confusing to fit correctly and get comfortable for you and bubs. To help you make the right choice, here are some tips on how to introduce your carrier to your little one.

  • Activities to Keep Your Little One Cool During Summer

    With summer upon us it can be easy to get overheated. Trying to keep your own cool while entertaining a small child can be a bit of a juggle. To help everyone out, I have compiled a list of some of my favourite activities to keep your little ones cool through the hotter months.

  • How to help your toddler not get overwhelmed at Christmas

    Christmas can be an overwhelming time for all of us, but just imagine what it is like for your toddler. We have put together some of our best tips for how to help your toddler not get overwhelmed at Christmas.

  • 20 Ways to get your Toddler to Help Around the House

    It may feel like you are constantly cleaning up after your toddler, but with a tiny bit of creativity and the willingness to let standards dip a little, you could get your toddler to help around the house. Check out Marsupi’s list of easy ways to get your toddler to help.

  • Seven Tips for Transitioning to Two Children

    When you double the number of children you make your life more challenging in a variety of ways. Mums get better at multitasking and problem solving and thinking on their feet when they go from one child to two. Here is Marsupi’s list of 7 tips for transitioning to two children.

  • What to pack when traveling with kids - Our Essentials.

    Travelling with children can be a very mixed experience. It can be wonderfully rewarding and great in theory yet many parents (myself included) often find it more exhausting than just staying home. Here is our list of essentials to take on holiday with your kids.



  • Things I said I would never do before I had kids

    Every parent can remember those things we used to say before we had kids, 'When I have children, I will never...' We had all these grand ideas about parenting before our kids came along and ruined everyone of those plans! 

  • 5 tips to make life easier with a toddler and a newborn baby

    Having your first child is life-changing. Just wait and see the surprises that are in store with your second one! From needing a quality baby carrier to games you can play with a toddler while lying on the couch, here are some awesome tips to help you juggle two.

  • 10 places you can go using an easy baby carrier

    Feel like you're stuck at home with your new baby? We share our top 10 places that you can still go using a supportive baby carrier, that is easy to put on and ensures your baby is kept safe and secure.