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When purchasing a Marsupi how do I select the most appropriate size? 

When it comes to Marsupi, it is best to go with the smallest size you can fit.

If you go for a larger Marsupi than you need, the straps may sweep the floor while you are putting it on, and it will be harder to secure firmly with the longer straps. For optimal comfort for both you and bub you want your Marsupi nice and snug with baby sitting high on your chest.

Sizes within the Marsupi range are based on the wearer, not the size of your baby. The Marsupi naturally adjusts to the size of your baby as he or she grows due fastening structure.

Marsupi sizing also does not correspond to standard clothing sizing. For example our size S/M would generally be suitable for Mums who wear anything between a size XS and Large. This is due to Marsupi being measured against different areas (waist and torso) than standard pant, top or dress sizes. So if you are a Medium/Large or Size 12/14 you would most likely fit our size S/M. If in doubt we suggest measuring your waist and also give consideration to your height.

The waist belt will sit around your waist (not your hips) with the bottom of the waist belt just above the belly button or higher depending on how small bub is. Marsupi is best worn high, bubs should be sitting at the height of your neck and you should be able to kiss them easily when positioned correctly.

There are 3 size options available;

Small/Medium This is our most popular size. This size would fit most women (and men). Suitable for waist size 65-100cm.
Large Suitable for waist size 75-105cm.
Extra Large Suitable for waist size 85-120cm.
Extra Extra Large
Suitable for waist size 105cm-135cm.


Measuring Tip

If you don't have a sewing tap measure, measure using a piece of string, wool or twine. Then use a ruler to work out the length. 

Please send us an email or give us a call if you would like to chat about sizing.