Marsupi Size Guide

Marsupi is quick and easy to adjust, fitting most caregivers, with S/M, L, XL & XXL carriers available. Marsupi sizing is based on the caregiver’s waist size, not the size of the baby. The most popular size is S/M, which fits most caregivers.


 Carrier Size Caregiver Waist Size
S/M 65-100cm


* Available for Marsupi Classic only

Marsupi Sizing Tips

Whether buying for yourself or someone else, these tips will help you confidently choose the right size.

  • Between Sizes

    If you’re in between sizes, choose the smallest size you can fit, unless you are above average height or have a bigger bust. Larger sizes will have longer straps that may sweep the floor as you are setting up the carrier and make it more fiddly to adjust your carrier for a snug fit.

  • Clothing Size ≠ Marsupi Size

    Clothing sizes may be based on hips, waist, torso, or even height. If in doubt, measure your waist and check your sizing on our size chart.

  • It’s All About That Waist

    At least, when it comes to babywearing. The waistbelt will sit around your waist, not your hips – ideally at just above your belly button or higher, depending on your baby’s size.

If your Marsupi doesn’t fit as expected, you can send it back to us for a replacement within 10 days.

Get Help With Sizing

Not sure about what size would fit you best? Let us know your waist, bust, height, and weight measurements. Plus (ideally) a photo attachment or link to a photo on social media. Complete our Contact Us form and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours with our recommendation!

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