Babywearing FAQs: Your Guide to Carrying Your Baby

Babywearing FAQs: Your Guide to Carrying Your Baby

Welcome, super mums-to-be and new mums! Get ready to rock motherhood with the power of babywearing. Let's dive into some common questions about baby carriers, wraps, and slings to help you navigate this exciting journey with ease.


When Can You Start Babywearing?

Wondering when it's safe to start babywearing? Here are the basics:

  • Baby's Size Matters: Your baby should weigh at least 3.5 kilograms to snugly fit into a quality carrier like the Marsupi.
  • Mum's Recovery Time: Wait until you've recovered from labor or surgery before diving into babywearing. Typically, it's safe to start a week or two after a straightforward birth, but wait at least 6 weeks after a C-section or complicated birth (consult your doctor for personalised advice).


How Long Can You Carry Your Baby?

Find out how long you can safely carry your little one in a carrier:

  • Baby's Comfort: As long as your baby is positioned correctly (upright with hips and legs in an M-position), they can stay in the carrier as long as needed.
  • Mum's Comfort: Listen to your body and take breaks when necessary. Avoid straining your back and enjoy babywearing without discomfort.


What Can You Do While Babywearing?

Discover the benefits of babywearing for your daily activities:

  • Hands-Free Convenience: Get tasks done around the house, run errands, or even go for walks with ease while your baby is snug in the carrier.
  • Versatility: Navigate smaller spaces, rough terrain, or public transport effortlessly with your baby in tow.
  • Safety First: Use common sense and avoid activities that could pose a risk while babywearing, such as running or using power tools.


Babywearing opens up a world of possibilities for mums, allowing you to bond with your baby while staying active and productive. Have more questions? Explore our other blogs or reach out to us for personalised assistance. 

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