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I had a baby Bjorn for my first born and I thought at the time it was ok, bulky but ok, didn’t tend to wear it much as it was a pain to put on. I have now been using the marsupi with my 12 week old daughter OMG! It’s so amazing! I seriously can’t believe how light weight and comfortable it is to wear. My daughter loves it, and being a busy mum of 2 I can take Mr almost 3 to all his activities and baby wear his sister and still be active with him. I can put it on in seconds! What I also love about it is it actually looks good on. I prefer to get this out then the pram. Highly recommend you won’t regret it!

― Sophie C. 


This carrier is the BEST! I have ditched the bulky carrier that made me sweaty and achy. The Marsupi fabric is beautiful and soft on both baby and my skin. It rolls up into a neat compact bag which makes life so much easier. I feel like I have some independence back in my life with a newborn and it’s so special to have her close to me comfortably for both of us 😊 

 Michelle, H.


Love my Marsupi carrier! It is lightweight, comfortable and so easy to use. My baby likes to be held all the time even when sleeping and with a toddler this has been challenging. My Marsupi has made my life so much easier as I have had my hands free for my toddler and my baby is still able to be close to me while I get things done. Definitely the best carrier I have used.

― Nadia E.


As a new mum of two a baby carrier is essential for me, bub is snug and secure against my chest and my hands are free to wrangle the toddler. What makes this carrier special though is its soft on the bub, comfortable for me, secure yet not restrictive and I don’t need an MBA to work out how to put it on. An added bonus is you can chuck it in the wash and the handy little carry bag it comes in, folds up nicely and fits neatly in my bag or under the pram with no straps or bulk, WIN!

― Jac C.


Just one word... AMAZING! Not only does my little bundle sleep (literally like a baby) in the Marsupi carrier, leaving the house is so much easier when I have 2 free hands. It is super easy to get on and off which I never found with other carriers and is really comfortable to wear for hours on end. I am always on the look out for things to make life a little easier with a newborn and I have definitely found a gem with my Marsupi. Highly recommended!!

― Mon H.