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How to Put on Your Waistbelt

Measure Width for Newborn Sizing Tether

How to use the Newborn Sizing Tether

Tips for a Supportive Wear

How to Re-fold Your Marsupi

  • Pelvic Tuck

    To ensure your baby is sitting in the optimal position, we recommend a pelvic tuck. Hold your baby gently behind their thighs and scoop their pelvis under and up towards you to curve their spine naturally. Their knees should be higher than their bottom in the hip-healthy M position (legs spread, knees bent and level with their belly button).

  • Head Support

    For very young babies or sleeping children, use the snap-fastened head support.

Want More Help With Your Marsupi?

We’re here to make sure you get the most from your carrier! Check out our How To Wear Your Marsupi page for videos on our Front and Side carry options.