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Marsupi makes life easier for parents who want to hold their babies close, whether at home or out in their day-to-day life. Our comfortable baby carriers combine the snugness of a wrap with the ease and support of a structured carrier (minus the fiddly buckles) so you and your baby are safe and supported no matter where you go.

Marsupi is loved for its simplicity, security, and comfort. Fastened with velcro, our carriers are no-fuss and easy to use – you can set up and go in under 1 minute. With a Marsupi baby carrier, parents can enjoy more hands-free cuddles, with the freedom and flexibility to get on with all of their day-to-day activities.

But it’s not just parents and babies that prefer Marsupi carriers. Olders brothers and sisters love the Mini Marsupi. This super cute doll carrier means they can carry their teddy or baby doll around, hands-free – just like mum and dad.

Each Marsupi is made from soft, breathable natural fibres that are gentle on sensitive skin and allow air to pass easily through the carrier. This makes Marsupi carriers ultra-breathable, even in the hot, humid Aussie climate. 

A product of exceptional quality, every Marsupi is lovingly made in Romania, with safety and comfort as the top priority.


About Us

Marsupi Australia is the exclusive distributor of Marsupi baby carriers throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Marsupi Australia is run by Rachel Burton; mother of three, wife, sales genius, and multi-tasking superstar. Rachel is an enthusiastic user of the Marsupi carrier and knows firsthand how much simpler life with little ones can be with this product. 

As a business owner and mother of three preschoolers, Rachel is constantly balancing motherhood and business. When her second child, Addie, was born, Rachel often wore her so she could have her hands free to get work and household tasks done. Her personal experience made her the perfect person to bring Marsupi downunder, launching the business in 2018. 

Now with Nate (baby #3), Rachel relies on her Marsupi so he can get the rest he needs, while attending to her other two children, running her business, and managing home life. The juggle is real – but made easier with a comfortable carrier!

A message from Rachel

Parenthood was a steep learning curve for myself and my husband, and we quickly saw value in products that made our life easier.

Following the birth of my second child, a friend kindly gifted a Marsupi to me, claiming it was the best baby product she had. 

At this point, I already owned two other carriers – a wrap and a ring sling (yep I have tried them all!), so I was dubious about how it would be different. 

But I fell in love with Marsupi from the very first time I wore it. Its simplicity made it the perfect baby carrier.

When I found out it wasn’t sold locally, I reached out to Marsupi’s lovely founder and asked to promote them here in Australia and New Zealand.

I hope you love your Marsupi as much as I do!

Rachel x

Where It All Started

Marsupi was invented in 1996 by a European mum and dad who wanted to make life easier, more accessible, and more enjoyable – with three small children in tow. Their goal was to create a simple and functional baby carrier that offered trust and security. They succeeded at creating a wearable system that could be used to provide safety, comfort, and closeness to both child and parent, now popular throughout Europe and the UK.

Despite their European origins, Marsupi's name and design was inspired by Australian marsupials, a group of mammals that carry their young in pouches. And the lightweight, breathable design is ideal for the Australian climate, too.

Over the last few years since Marsupi Australia began local distribution, Marsupi carriers have grown in popularity across Australia and New Zealand.



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