Marsupi Tips: How to Introduce your Carrier

Marsupi Tips: How to Introduce your Carrier

Marsupi Tips: How to Introduce your Carrier

When you are a mum of little ones it is more important than ever to find the right products. Trying out a carrier can sometimes be a bit daunting; they can be a bit overwhelming and even confusing to fit correctly and get comfortable for you and bubs. To help you make the right choice, here are some tips on how to introduce your carrier to your little one.

Buying the Right Baby Products

You don’t have money to burn, and you just want things that work the first time, make life easier and are safe for your baby.

You do not need extra hassle, and you don’t want to spend lots of time trying out different kinds of products. You also don’t want to waste your money on the wrong ones, or on things that your baby will outgrow in a few weeks’ time.

Baby carriers are one of these subjective purchases. What one parent loves, the next one finds to be difficult to put on or uncomfortable to wear. They can be easy to give up on, and then just shove in the back of the wardrobe – right?

So many mums have bought one or two or three carriers before finding one that works for them.

I am so glad I found Marsupi, and I love that I get to pass the benefits of this stress-free product onto you.

I started distributing Marsupi across Australia and New Zealand after I was gifted one with my second child and I fell in love with its simplicity, the freedom it gave me and how secure my baby felt against me. I had previously tried 2 other carriers, a ring sling, and a wrap and nothing else compared.

It is a great value product because you will use it over and over, with your baby fitting comfortably in it even after she is past 12 months old (up to 15kg).

How to introduce the Marsupi carrier to your baby

I have had a lot of customers who have tried several different carriers and either they or their babies simply have not liked them, so understandably they were nervous about trying yet another product. I put together a guide for these customers which I wanted to share with you as well. And I am really pleased to say that every single one of them has written back to let me know that both they are bub LOVED their Marsupi.

Tip One: Read the Instructions

A great place to start is with the instruction booklet that comes with your Marsupi. Read the instruction booklet so you are familiar with how to put the carrier on (starting with front carry position).

I know this sounds very basic, but you would be surprised to hear the number of people that don’t actually refer to the instructions.

Alternatively, if you go to our website and click on the instructions tab you will find out instructional videos.

Tip Two: If it is uncomfortable, adjust

Often with carriers, wraps or slings people may only try it once or twice and it doesn’t feel comfortable for them or their baby doesn’t seem comfortable, so they give up.

If Marsupi doesn’t feel comfortable for you, then you are wearing it incorrectly. In this instance check how it has been fastened and ensure it is secured correctly.

Tip Three: Practise with a teddy

If you are feeling unsure, I would also recommend spending a little time practicing with the carrier before putting your baby in. As silly as it sounds, practice first with a doll or stuffed toy. That way you will feel confident with what you are doing before you put your baby in, especially if they start crying and you naturally feel panicked.

Tip Four: Wear your Marsupi snugly

The Marsupi should feel secure. Do not wear it too loosely; your baby should feel secure on you. They should feel as snug as if you were holding her.

A mirror helps to check the straps are fastened correctly and that your baby is sitting in an M position, with her knees bent and level with the belly button. They should also be sitting in the centre and not tilted to either side.

Your baby should also be sitting high so that you can easily kiss them on the head. Your baby’s head should be at the height of your neck.

Tip Five: Getting used to carrying your baby

The first time you try with your baby make sure it is a time when you are both feeling calm and happy. I would not recommend trying if they are upset or overdue for a sleep (for the first time anyway).

Give it a few goes and try wearing it around the house or the yard while you and your baby are both content. You will find it becomes easy to fold clothes or wash a few dishes with your baby snuggled in with you, and you will quickly feel confident enough to start using the carrier away from home.

Start with shorter trips where you aren’t walking too far to begin with – don’t test out your Marsupi for the first time on a marathon shopping trip for example 😊

My daughter would often cry when I first put her in (especially when overtired) but I simply “shoosh” calmly as I put her in, pat her on the bottom and start to move around and she calms immediately and snuggles in.

Tip Six: Some safety notes

Remember you won’t be as mobile and flexible as you are on your own when carrying your little one so take extra care.

And always maintain hand contact and support for your baby while securing or adjusting straps.

Make sure that your baby can breathe easily and that her mouth and nose aren’t smothered or muffled.

Final Thoughts

I was looking for ease, comfort, and security in a carrier, and I found these in the Marsupi. If you are new to babywearing it may seem a bit foreign the first time you try it on however it should not be uncomfortable for you or baby.

If you need any further help or assistance with introducing your Marsupi please feel free to contact me directly through our contact form or via our Facebook or Instagram pages.



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