10 places you can go using an easy baby carrier

10 places you can go using an easy baby carrier


Many new mums feel like their life is restricted now that they have a baby. However, by using a good quality, easy baby carrier, mums of newborns and babies can still go anywhere they went before and get involved in pretty much all their previous activities.

10 places you can go using an easy baby carrier

While technically you can still go anywhere with a baby, the practicality of real life can sometimes make the things you used to do a whole lot harder. That was the case up until the invention of easy baby carriers like Marsupi.

Many mums-to-be say ‘Oh, my life won’t change at all, I’ll still do the same old things..’

And under their breath, nearby mothers of little ones are muttering, ‘Yeah, right!’ (usually adding a few swear words for colour as well).

Dealing with the schedule of naptime and a baby who won’t let you put them down, or negotiating a giant pram, can put a dampener on much of your old freedom. It becomes easier just to stay home when you have a small baby.

But as a mum, I know how life does carry on. Having a baby doesn’t get you out of all of the things that need to get done (and in fact adds a bunch of things to the list). While it seems logistically hard to get out of of the house with your baby, you probably would really benefit from a trip out to have some fun as well.

I have found that by using a quality baby carrier, mums of little ones can virtually still go any place they went before, and get involved in most of their previous activities.

Here are my top 10 places you can still take your baby (and thankfully live your life)

Coffee with your friends

Tiny boutique coffee houses are usually hidden in out of the way places, where you have to squeeze between tables to find a seat. The uber cool cafes are always the smallest – right?

No place for a pram? With an easy baby carrier like the Marsupi, you can bundle your baby to your tummy or your hip and easily twist and turn your way through any tiny café to meet up with your girlfriends.

To the movies

When your baby is in a close-fitting carrier like the Marsupi, not only are they comfortable for you to hold for hours at a time, but they happily fall asleep in them.

When you are not restricted by naptimes, or by hauling a massive pram up and down the cinema steps, you can still go to the movies with the ease of a good baby carrier.

Going for a walk

This one is a no-brainer. It also means that you can walk a dog or carry your toddler's scooter home, (that your toddler rode to the park and then abandoned for the walk home), all while carrying your baby comfortably.

Out for brunch

One of the very best things about life before babies is brunch. When you have access to an easy baby carrier you don’t have to look for a child-friendly place with highchairs, wide aisles and a built-in playground. You can literally go to brunch anywhere and linger as long as you like.

To functions and events

Since establishments banned smoking there is really no reason why you can’t take your baby to evening events and functions you would still like to attend. Using an attractive looking carrier like the Marsupi means that your on-point outfit won’t be ruined by this added accessory.

To the kitchen

One of the hardest times of day for parents is witching hour – when you are trying to cook dinner while your baby doesn’t need a sleep but wants your attention or simply to be held and won’t settle without screaming the house down.

At this time as well, you will be learning how to manage and juggle toddler attentions (when really all they want to do is just help!)

The convenience of a snug carrier like this one means you can cook and prepare food, sterilise bottles, fold washing and do anything else you need to do, all while your baby is curled against your chest, happy and quiet.

To school pick-up

School pick up of your older children is painful at the best of times, but can be so much harder with a baby.

What if you have a toddler as well who is refusing to walk, but you only have room in the stroller for one? What if it’s pouring with rain in that special freak way that only seems to happen at 3 pm on weekdays, and you need to hold an umbrella as well?

I think you already know the solution…

To manage those toddler tantrums

If you have taken your toddler and baby out somewhere and you are being dealt with a full-blown tantrum in the shopping centre, having the baby tucked in a carrier means you have both hands free to negotiate with your older child.

You can hold toddler hands as well as carry shopping, or wrangle him into a stroller while your baby is still content against your chest.


Not only do you have to go shopping, you probably want to go shopping.

I used to love huge shopping centres as an outing with my baby – they were always climate controlled, had coffee and snacks on hand, lovely private breastfeeding areas and you could walk for kilometres without having to spend much money if you wanted.

On date night

One of the last things you have time for right now is date night – and some one-on-one time is something you and your partner would probably love more than anything (except perhaps sleep!).

Although it is not technically one-on-one, you can have your baby in the Marsupi carrier so he can snugly nap while you and your partner enjoy a nice meal and remember what each other looks like.

Although life may be a little more complicated now, you can still go anywhere and enjoy all of your old activities even though you have a baby now, and the designers of the Marsupi have helped made it a little bit easier.

For more tips on how to make life with a baby a little easier, keep an eye out for our other blogs.

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