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Marsupi Combo - Breeze & Mini
Marsupi Combo - Breeze & Mini
Marsupi Combo - Breeze & Mini

Marsupi Combo - Breeze & Mini

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Purchase a Marsupi Breeze for yourself and your baby and a Mini Marsupi for your little helper.

Marsupi Breeze is a supportive, comfortable baby carrier that helps you glide through daily parent life like a breeze.

Its’ lightweight, slimline design provides wonderful support for your precious baby.

With the snugness of a wrap and the support of much larger carriers, you will be amazed at how effortlessly you can carry your baby around with you as you tackle the housework, shopping and daily errands.

The Marsupi Breeze is made from a combination of soft cotton and linen, allowing air to easily pass through the carrier, providing comfort for both your baby and you.

Mini Marsupi is the perfect gift for your son or daughter when their baby brother or sister arrives. Made from the same fabric as the Marsupi Breeze, the Mini Marsupi is a wonderful way to involve your older child to carry their favourite doll or toy around when you are carrying your new baby. 

Available in blue ocean and red ruby colors. Suitable up to approx. 60 cm (about 7-8 years).

Please note: Mini Marsupi is a toy, designed to only be used with toys. DO NOT use Mini Marsupi to wear babies or siblings.


When it comes to Marsupi, it is best to go with the smallest size you can fit. If you are unsure of what size is best for you please refer to our page on sizing info for more information.

General guidelines:

S/M - suitable for waist size 65-100cm 

L - suitable for waist size 75-105cm 

XL - suitable for waist size 85-120cm 

XXL - special order only. Suitable for waist size 105-135cm