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Following the birth of my second child, a friend kindly gifted a Marsupi to me. Having also been gifted one herself, she claimed it was the best baby product she had, especially with now having to care for a newborn while wrangling a toddler.

Already owning two other carriers, a wrap and a ring sling (yep I have tried them all!) I was dubious about how it would be that different. However, I was converted from the very first time I wore it. Being one of those mums who just needs things simple (I cannot swaddle or tie a wrap to save myself), its’ simplicity made it the perfect baby carrier.

Marsupi is not only super lightweight and soft, it is simple to use and doesn't have any of the usual clips and buckles that most carriers have. It provided my baby the support required, while keep her close to me and positioned correctly and safely.

I was so impressed and surprised to find it was not already sold locally that I reached out to Marsupi’s lovely founder and asked to promote them here in Australia and New Zealand so that other mums can access the same fantastic product easily and locally.

Marsupi has the support of other bulky carriers, the closeness of a wrap but without all the hassle.

I hope you love your Marsupi as much as I do!

Rachel x


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Why you'll love the Marsupi Carrier

Marsupi is a supportive, comfortable baby carrier that will you will love.  With its' lightweight and compact design, you will breeze through daily parent life. 

Some of the key features of Marsupi include:

  • Lightweight and compact design (weighs approximately 265g).
  • Rolls up and can fit into almost any handbag or under the pram. And if your little one gets restless after a long time in the carrier, Marsupi’s simple and flexible design allows you to quickly take it off and roll it up, or carry it.
  • Easy to use. Marsupi’s simple design means you can put the carrier on by yourself (unlike other baby carriers that require two people to put the carrier on with ease).
  • Breathable, lightweight material. Both the Breeze and the Classic are made with natural fibres which gives the carrier great air flow, reducing any over-heating or stickiness and increasing your baby’s comfort, especially on those hotter days.
  • Allows your baby to sit in a natural position with their back in a ‘C’ curve.
  • Recognised as “hip-healthy” by the international Hip Dysplasia Institute. This means that the baby carrier provides the correct support for your child’s hips and encourages good hip joint development, which is especially important in your child’s first months of life.
  • Can be used to carry your precious little one on your front or hip.
  • Uses waist support to ensure you carry most of the weight on your hips, not on your shoulders.
  • Adjustable with velcro straps to allow you to find the most comfortable position for you.
  • Adjustable head support to protect your newborn, providing the correct support until your baby is able to hold their head up unaided. The head support can also be used when your baby is older and is resting or sleeping in the baby carrier.


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