The Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide for Mums-to-Be and Mums with newborns

The Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide for Mums-to-Be and Mums with newborns

If you are searching for the perfect present for a pregnant friend or new mum this Christmas, we have the only list you’ll need. 

It is so easy to choose something sweet for the new baby, but we also know how incredibly grateful us mums are when there’s a gift for us too. 

Our tip is to focus on how you can please a new Mum or Mum-to-Be, she is already missing out on the champagne, seafood and soft cheese that Christmas brings so lets spoil her or even better make life a little easier.

10 Christmas Gifts Ideas for Mums-to-Be 

A Little Pampering

Nearing the end when you feel like it’s the 90th week of pregnancy and everything is swollen, what better gift than a little pampering.

A beauty spa voucher to ease her body and mind and make her feel more comfortable is a lovely gift for a mum-to-be. 
Some personal favourites of ours;

  • Manicure and Pedicure
  • Pregnancy safe Facial
  • Pregnancy safe Massage

The gift of Comfort

Give her something that will make her look and feel divine, and like the Queen that she is. 

When she’s up feeding in those early hours of the morning or has visitors coming and she still wants comfort but style, we’re talking beautiful pyjamas or some stylish loungewear. 

Remember comfort is key, breathable soft natural material, an elastic waist or stretchy material and breastfeeding friendly if possible. 

Me & My Bump Journal

Any expectant Mum will love to look back on her pregnancy journey and remember the highs and lows – it all may seem like a blur once pregnancy brain kicks in! Give your friend a lovely journal to document her journey and help her connect with herself and her growing bump. 

There are many beautiful journals available or any pretty blank journal would suit (give her some nice pens too!). We also love the idea of personalising it, write a letter to your friend and let her know how you can’t wait to ride along beside her as she takes the next journey in life. 

A Mama-to-be date

With all the attention on who the sweet new arrival will be, some special focused time with the mum-to-be will be perfect, particularly if she is a mama already and needs a mini-break.

So arrange a date; get her out of those comfy lounge pants and into something pretty, pick her up at a set time and take her to brunch or lunch. 

Reusable Drink Bottle

If there is one thing that a Mum-to-Be is always feeling, it’s thirsty! Her body is taking all of the nutrients from her body to make cells and super-cute baby parts, and this is very dehydrating. And a breastfeeding Mum is even more thirsty.

Make sure that she is always well-hydrated, and that she looks cool and helps the environment at the same time with a fancy reusable drink bottle.

Someone Else to Do Her Job

On paper this might sound like a really boring gift, but personally it's our favourite, the gift of taking away an everyday job.  That’s right a week of home cooked meals delivered to her door, a spring clean, or a weekly laundry service. 

There are plenty of wonderful subscription services available online to make life that little bit easier when a newborn arrives.  Or if you live close, a personal touch of a home cooked meal or popping over to hang the washing out is what every new parent needs, along with a cup of tea and a good chat.

The gift of ease and freedom, a Marsupi Australia baby carrier

One of the best gifts for a Mum-to-Be is something that will make getting out of the house post-baby as easy as possible. The Marsupi is a gorgeous soft baby carrier that is light and comfortable for both the carrier and the baby and super easy to put on.

The snug fit supports Mum and gives her peace of mind that her baby is safe and close. That way she can enjoy all the daily things with ease, like a much needed coffee date, park runs with the older kids, or more so, when the little cherub only wants to sleep on Mama and things around the house need doing. Shop the range.

Make a Post-baby hamper

We are big on practical gifts here but also thoughtful gifts. Make a little hamper for the Mum-to-Be that gives her all the warm and excited feels. 

Here are our favourite things that will support her during those first few weeks of motherhood;

  • Lip balm and face masks
  • Hand cream and Nail polish
  • Belly Moisturiser 
  • Comfy knickers (dark colours are best)
  • A sleeping eye mask
  • A new novel or latest magazine
  • Her favourite treat, sweet or savoury
  • Of course, we can’t resist a beautiful swaddle or onesie for that sweet baby

We are all for choosing natural products where possible. Gather your goodies and box them up, it will be a beautiful personlised hamper she will really love.  


The perfect tea cup

Your Mum-to-Be friend probably needs to be reminded to sit down and put her feet up, and rest whenever she can. 

What better way to encourage her to slow down than with a really stunning ceramic or fine china tea cup  – the sort of special keepsake that she can enjoy and savour a beautiful cup of tea. 

Personalised Jewellery

Something small but with big impact is what a personalised piece of jewellery can bring for a new mum. 

There are many beautiful and creative options available from a necklace to a bracelet with Mama or Mum written, or the first initial of the baby's name to go on her favourite piece of jewellery, or the name and birthdate on a beautiful pendant. 

Personalised Jewellery is a meaningful way to celebrate a Mums most precious gift. 

So there you have it! 10 amazing Christmas gift ideas for mums to be.
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