Healthy Christmas Treats for Kids

Healthy Christmas Treats for Kids

We are officially in the silly season and it's overflowing with all the lovely Christmassy things. Our Christmas Tree is glorious, its nearly toppling over with handmade decorations, Christmas PJs are on, Christmas books on repeat, you name it we have come out hard and festive. 

As well as all the sparkly red and green we have endless events popping up; kindy parties and street parties; end of year sports events, family catch ups and visitors and that brings endless amounts of fun and food.

To help with the ‘bring a plate’ anxiety here are some of our favourite healthy Christmas treats for kids that not only look and taste great, but are low on sugar and sure to please even the fussiest of eaters.

Here are some of our favourite healthy Christmas treats for kids


Put together your own Christmassy layers into clear cups for the kids. They will love the colours and adore getting their own individual big kid ‘dessert’.

Stack as follows;

  • Set sugar-free green Jelly as your first layer
  • Cut strawberries and blueberries as your second layer
  • Layer with thick natural yogurt
  • Sprinkle with muesli or green and red sprinkles

Fruit Christmas Trees

One of the easiest and healthiest treats you can make for kids is also surprisingly one of the most popular. Put a plate of these out at a party and they are guaranteed to get snapped up immediately.

All you need are wooden kebab sticks, fresh fruit and your own imagination. We like to stack as follows;

  • As a treat we use a Marshmallow as the tree base
  • Watermelon piece cut into a big triangle as the tree
  • Blueberry and or Strawberry as the star

Christmas Tree Pizza

Homemade Pizza is a favourite in our house, the kids love making it and even more eating it. What a good way to add a little Christmas spirit with this idea.

Decorate your pizza triangles as follows;

  • Tomato base
  • Shredded Mozzarella 
  • Decorate with small salami circles or cut cherry tomatoes as Christmas baubles 

Christmas Tree Pitas

Another savoury favourite is these pita Christmas trees. These are beautiful and fresh and look very cute as a forest of Christmas trees on a platter. 

Build as follows;

  • Lightly toast pitas cut into triangles
  • Insert a Pretzel stick or half a wooden kebab stick into the base of the pita as the tree trunk
  • Spread the pitas with fresh guacamole
  • Sprinkle some red capsicum or cherry tomatoes as Christmas decorations

Salad Stack

These salad stacks are crunchy and colourful and will be sure to interest the kids. 

These are made on wooden kebab sticks and once stacked with all the delicious fresh salad we used an egg carton upside down as a base to stick them in, they certainly looked enticing standing up beautifully for little hands to easily reach.  

You can use any fresh salad that your little ones love, cut into suitable size and stack as follows;

  • Cheese square base
  • Capsicum 
  • Snowpea
  • Cucumber
  • Cherry tomato on top

Pastry Stars

The perfect size for little hands, these pretty puff pastry stars can be eaten savoury or sweet. They are deliciously flakey so we recommend enjoying outside. 

  • Pre-heat oven to 160degrees
  • Separate puff pastry sheets and let defrost just enough to cut through
  • Using a star cookie cutter cut puff pastry into stars
  • Place stars on a lined oven tray
  • Sprinkle with cheese for savoury or baste with whisked egg and top with sprinkles
  • Cook in the oven until lightly golden

If you can happily relinquish some of the decorating control, let the kids join in – they will love this Christmas activity with you.

If you have other ideas for healthy Christmas treats for kids that your family loves, be sure to let us know, or send in a picture. 

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